Themed Pop-Up Camps

Unleash the excitement with our ‘Pop-Up’ Camps, where every moment is a burst of enchantment. Experience the magic of our vibrant and themed pop-up camps, carefully designed to infuse your child’s day with wonder and laughter. Give yourself the gift of time—whether it’s a well-deserved break or a date night out—knowing that these captivating camps are not only a source of joy but also a cost-effective alternative to traditional babysitters.

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Immerse your little ones in a day filled with laughter, creativity, and boundless imagination inspired by the beloved animated series, Bluey. Our camp offers a joyful blend of games, crafts, and activities, all centered around the lovable Blue Heeler pup and her family. From imaginative storytelling to interactive games that mirror the show’s spirit, our experienced staff will guide the children through a day of fun, fostering friendships, and sparking the magic of dance. It’s a day of boundless joy and endless smiles and families are invited to watch the end of day show!

Zip! Zap! Santa’s elves are working hard in his workshop and need your help! During this holiday pop-up camp, dancers will hammer down some awesome hip-hop moves, create a clever winter craft and sing and dance to their favorite seasonal songs! Give Santa time to do holiday preparation (or take much needed downtime) and register your dancers today! Dancers will do a special performance at the end of camp to show off all of their elf grooves. * please pack a snack for your child

Grab your hot chocolate! It’s time to “Let It Go” and join our Frozen adventure pop-up one-day camp! Campers will discover their dancing ice powers, create cozy crafts, sing and twirl to their favorite Frozen songs and chill out with friends while playing wintery games. Give Santa time to do holiday preparation (or take much needed downtime) and register your camper today! At the end of each day there will be a special, snowy dance performance to show off all of their dance moves! * please pack a lunch for your child

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