Dance classes held @ Allied Gardens Recreation Center
Parking: Free and easy in parking lot and street

For more class options, see our full dance class schedule. For more information, see dance class descriptions or learn about our annual spring showcase for our kid’s classes the Allied Gardens.


Specializing In Children’s Dance Classes

Our progressive dance classes provide a challenging yet fun-filled environment for kids to constantly advance and grow in their skills. All toddlers and kids dance classes are great for boys and culminate in a much-anticipated annual spring showcase.

We offer the following classes . . .

Creative Movement Classes

Spend a magical time with your child while they learn to move to music and develop their motor and listening skills in a fun environment. This is an adult/child interactive dance class and caregivers and little siblings welcome. Dress code and dance shoes are not required for this class.

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Two Style Combo Classes

Introductory dance classes that include tap, ballet, hip hop, or jazz and dance games. Classes are energetic, expressive, and fun so your dancer will learn dance basics in an age appropriate way. Each class includes both styles, and if applicable, dancers will change shoes in class with the teacher’s assistance.

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Hip Hop Dance Classes

Our Hip Hop dance classes at Dance To EvOLvE are an exhilarating and dynamic experience for kids. With high energy and a fast-paced environment, this class inspires creativity and fosters a fun-filled atmosphere. As they groove to the beats, children enhance their coordination, musicality, and listening skills.

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Getting Started

How to Register for Dance Classes at Allied Gardens

Upon registration, families are enrolled in auto-pay month to month unless the office is notified otherwise via email by the 25th of the month.

  • Walk in: Allied Gardens Recreation Center’s front desk (5155 Greenbrier Ave)

If registering for a kids activity in-person at the front desk, please see Allied Gardens Recreation Center’s hours of operation and call in advance to confirm registration can be taken, as it can vary from posted hours.

Refund Policy: For more information on the City of San Diego refund policy, see our FAQ Page.

Although payment is organized in semesters or sessions, classes are designed to be ongoing and progressive, continuing throughout the year. Simply re-register session to session. Enrollment is first come first served as places in class are not held. Learn more details about registration at this location.

For more class options, see our full dance class schedule.

For more information, see dance class descriptions or learn about our annual spring recital for our kids dance classes in San Diego.

Class Schedule

Dance Class Schedule For Allied Gardens

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