Preschools & Daycares

Maximize the joy at your preschool or daycare with our dynamic dance and music classes. Transforming young lives into dancing dynamos, our 45-minute weekly/monthly sessions infuse boundless energy and laughter, creating a vibrant and secure space where your teachers are free to just join in or take some free time!

About Us

We’re Specializing In Children’s Dance Classes.

At Dance to EvOLvE, we’re not just about dance – we’re about igniting a passion for movement and fostering holistic growth in the young lives we teach.

With a legacy dating back to 2008, we have proudly partnered with preschools and daycares, enriching children’s lives through the language of dance and music. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, grounded in a vision of creating a world where every child can experience the sheer thrill of self-expression and creativity.

Welcome to Dance To EvOLvE – where education meets exhilaration and every beat resonates with the promise of a brighter, more harmonious future.

Benefits At A Glance

🎉 Joyful Learning: Ignite your children’s enthusiasm for movement, creating a foundation for a lifetime of active engagement and a love for learning.

🤝 Confidence & Camaraderie: Our engaging classes foster teamwork, self-assurance, and meaningful friendships, nurturing holistic growth.

🌟 Expert Guided Exploration: Led by passionate instructors, our sessions empower children to explore their creativity with fun and age appropriate curriculums in a safe and supportive environment.

🌟 Choice of Payment Options: Parent paid or School Paid.

🌈 Stress-Free Convenience: Ease the load on your teachers as we bring the magic of dance directly to your centre, ensuring that every child’s journey is a joyful one.

For more details, contact Jenny, National Program Manager.

Our Promises

Why Schools Choose Us

Trusted by schools since 2008, we offer the perfect balance of fun and skill development to ignite a lifelong love of dance in your child.
Amazing Teachers

We believe it’s the teacher that makes the difference. Our teachers have the passion and ‘X’ factor when it comes to loving and having the ability to work with children.

Age Appropriate Curriculum

We specialize in providing the best dance classes for children. This is what we have studied and perfected, and why our classes are so great for your young dancers!

Learning Is Fun

We focus on learning through laughter so dancers develop a love for dance and establish a strong foundation in dance education, without the high pressure.

Flexible Structure

We know life can be hectic and expensive with children, and we cater our dress code and make-up policy to our schools.  No drama, no pressure, no stress!

Clear Communication

We understand that it goes beyond the class curriculum to be the best kids dance studio, and includes clear communication between teacher and schools.

Convenient Locations

At Dance To EvOLvE, we bring our high-quality children’s dance classes to convenient locations throughout San Diego, so your child can experience the joy of dance close to home.

Mayfield Village Summer Camp