New Dancer Information

Welcome to Dance To EvOLvE…we’re thrilled to have you a part of our EvOLvE Chicago dancing family!  Hopefully you have already noticed, but we love what we do and are excited to share our passion with your dancer. (There will be plenty of smiling and laughing in dance class!) Everything you need to know is below…read on!

Your Choices. Our Knowledge. Their Fun!

EvOLvE believes it’s the dance teacher that makes the difference. Each one is carefully chosen by their experience, passion, professionalism, and bubbliness! Small student ratios, curriculum goals, and ongoing teacher trainings create our progressive and age appropriate dance classes. All this ensures that your dancer is in the best learning environment possible. Our talented Chicago teachers create welcoming dance classes that balance learning with fun so that our dancers are always improving!

Is this your first dance class? What to expect.

Read our Blog:  What are appropriate expectations for your first dance class?

Some quick tips:

  • Talk about the dance class ahead of time, what is to be expected and the fun to be had!  Watch videos ahead of time.
  • Meet the teacher ahead of time by seeing their photo and reading their demo.  Additionally, introduce yourself to the teacher before class.

Be prepared with dance class etiquette:

Who is your point of contact for Chicago?

Since EvOLvE has multiple locations, there is no traditional EvOLvE front desk. Your dance teacher is your direct point of contact but always feel free to contact us in the office. (Compared to the site’s front desk.)  We love hearing from our dancing families.  To find the location nearest you and the details, please go to the neighborhood pages.

Common Questions:

See our FAQ page for the most common questions including: What should your dancer wear to class? What is our class make-up policy?

What do parents do during class?

Please take your dancer to the bathroom before class.
YOU&me Movement & Music Dance Class: This is a parent/child interactive dance class so parents stay in the room.

Magical Munchkins & Baby Boppers Dance Class: Parents participate as needed and therefore stay in the room. They need your love and encouragement throughout dance class.  Some dancers will need more attention and others, depending on their age and development and that’s okay!

Tiny Movers, Beat Breakers, Star Shiners & Older Dance Classes: These are our big kid dance classes so parents watch from a distance outside of the room.  Parents are not required to stay during class as long as you have signed-in your dancer on the clipboard.

When are family observation days?

In addition to the spring dance recital in Chicago, EvOLvE hosts family watch days throughout the year.  These are the days where families can sit inside their dancer’s room for part of class and take pictures and video until their hearts’ content.  Know what to expect.  Ask your teacher, check our social media, view the calendar or EvOLvE’s newsletter for our parent observation dates…and get your camera ready!

How do you stay in the know? 4 easy ways...

  • Follow us on social media:   (Please note our waiver regarding the use of pictures as DTE does use pictures and videos from classes in social media.)
  • Add to your email address book for monthly newsletters.
  • See our calendar page for the latest news and events.
  • Check the announcement board at class and listen to your teacher’s announcements.
  • Check out the Dance To EvOLvE blog for all sorts of fun information.

Is there a dance showcase?

In addition to small in-class performances throughout the year, EvOLvE presents an annual spring dance showcase that is encouraged (but not required) for age appropriate dance classes. For more information, check out our dance recital page and mark your calendars to ensure your dancer doesn’t miss out!

Do you have feedback?

Questions and feedback (good and bad) are always welcomed, so don’t hesitate to contact Brittany White, EvOLvE Director, directly…about anything!  We want your child to have an incredible and long lasting experience with Dance To EvOLvE.

Can I bring a friend to dance class?

Since we are big believers in sharing the fun, please invite your friends to the scheduled bring a friend days on our calendar.