Local Cities Partners

Since 2008, Dance To EvOLvE has been an invaluable partner with local cities in enhancing community engagement through our recreational and community center programs. We specialize in fostering a love for dance among children aged 2-12 years, with a rich array of offerings including ballet, tap, creative movement, and hip hop.

About Us

We’re Specializing In Children’s Dance Classes.

Since 2008, Dance To EvOLvE has offered an unwavering commitment and expertise in children’s classes while collaborating with cities to help create engaging and inclusive community programs. This depth of experience ensures a well planned process and the delivery of successful programs that truly resonate with the community.

Our ability to adapt our programs to the unique needs of each city further exemplifies our dedication to enriching communities through dance.

Join us in creating a harmonious blend of artistic expression, physical activity, and community bonding that will leave a lasting impact on the children and families we serve. Together, let’s inspire a new rhythm of vitality and unity in our localities.

To provide a glimpse of our comprehensive offerings, please refer to our detailed schedules linked below: Chicago Website Schedule

Please note that we have:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Extensive experience marketing the classes to grow enrollment
  • In-depth understanding of the operations of a city and vendors in regards to contracts, rosters, budgets, etc.

We would love to partner with you. Please contact Brittany White Gonzalez, Director.

Our Promises

Why Parents Choose Us

Trusted by families since 2008, we offer the perfect balance of fun and skill development to ignite a lifelong love of dance in your child.
Amazing Teachers

We believe it’s the teacher that makes the difference. Our teachers have the passion and ‘X’ factor when it comes to loving and having the ability to work with children.

Age Appropriate Curriculum

We specialize in providing the best dance classes for children. This is what we have studied and perfected, and why our classes are so great for your young dancers!

Learning Is Fun

We focus on learning through laughter so dancers develop a love for dance and establish a strong foundation in dance education, without the high pressure.

Flexible Structure

We know life can be hectic and expensive with children, and we cater our dress code and make-up policy to our families.  No drama, no pressure, no stress!

Clear Communication

We understand that it goes beyond the class curriculum to be the best kids dance studio, and includes clear communication between teacher and families.

Convenient Locations

At Dance To EvOLvE, we bring our high-quality children’s dance classes to convenient locations throughout Chicago, so your child can experience the joy of dance close to home.

Mayfield Village Summer Camp