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Welcome Dancers & Families

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Welcome to the Dance To EvOLvE Team page! We are thrilled that you are here and excited to join our dance community. Whether you are a parent seeking a fun and nurturing dance environment for your child or a school teacher interested in bringing dance classes to your students, we are here to help. 

At Dance To EvOLvE, we believe that dance is for everyone, and we are passionate about sharing our love for dance with as many children as possible. We invite you to explore our team page and learn more about our experienced teachers who are dedicated to making dance education accessible and enjoyable for all. 

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to schedule a class for your child or students. We can’t wait to get your children dancing!

Meet Our Director

Get to Know Our Inspiring Director: Brittany White Gonzalez

Brittany White Gonzalez is the driving force behind Dance To EvOLvE. With over 40 years of dance experience, she has a passion for teaching and a love for dance that is contagious. 

Brittany’s vision for Dance To EvOLvE is to create a nurturing environment where children can learn and grow through dance. Her dedication to quality and excellence has been instrumental in developing our progressive dance programs, ensuring that each child is given the opportunity to EvOLvE through dance.

Brittany’s commitment to teaching with enthusiasm and care is evident in the success of our students, and we are proud to have her as the leader of our team.

Our Team

Meet Your Friendly Dance Teachers

Jenny Z.
National Programs Manager
Vanessa M.
EvOLvE Teacher
Rosa S.
EvOLvE Teacher
Madeline K.
Marketing Coordinator & Teacher Mentor
Dance To EvOLvE
Megan M.
Education & Teacher Coordinator
Dance To EvOLvE
Rosa L.
Mentor & Teacher Coordinator
Hailyn G
EvOLvE Teacher
Dance To EvOLvE
Savanna R
EvOLvE Teacher
Dance To EvOLvE
Lydia B
EvOLvE Teacher
Dance To EvOLvE
Gretchen P.
EvOLvE Teacher