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Enhance your before, during, or after school program for your kids with Dance To EvOLvE in Cleveland by choosing the program that is right for your students.

Dance To EvOLvE

Your Trusted Partner

Dance To EvOLvE has specialized in children’s programming since 2008, providing professional, talented, and reliable dance teachers to teach during your school or after school hours. You can trust that our trained teachers come prepared with a fun, age-appropriate, and challenging curriculum while maintaining a structured and progressive after school program for the kids. The music and dance moves are always age appropriate and will keep your kids moving and excited to come to the program.

Check out the different class types we offer!

Types of Programs

Elevate your school’s extracurricular offerings with our After School Dance Program! 🌟 Designed to inspire and engage students, our program introduces the captivating world of dance through three dynamic styles: Creative Movement, Hip Hop, and Ballet. Ignite creativity, boost confidence, and encourage physical fitness in a fun and enriching after-school setting.

1. Creative Movement: For the Youngest Explorers

Fuel the imagination of your students with our Creative Movement class. 🎨 This program introduces young learners to the joy of movement, rhythm, and self-expression. Led by experienced instructors, this class not only promotes physical coordination but also nurtures cognitive development through imaginative activities and storytelling.

2. Hip Hop: For the Energetic and Rhythmic

Bring energy to your school with our Hip Hop class! 🕺 Tailored for students who love to move and groove, this class incorporates the latest hip hop dance trends. Our engaging instructors encourage individual style and creativity, helping students learn exciting choreography, improve coordination, and build confidence as they master the art of hip hop dance.

3. Ballet: For the Graceful and Spirited

Unleash the grace and spirit of dance with our Ballet class! 🩰 This class is a delightful journey into the enchanting world of ballet, where students discover the joy of movement, poise, and expression. Our experienced instructors make learning ballet a fun and interactive experience, incorporating imaginative themes and playful activities. Whether twirling like a princess or leaping like a superhero, students will embrace the magic of ballet in a lively and inclusive school setting.

Program Highlights:

  • Experienced Instructors: Our passionate instructors bring expertise and enthusiasm to every class.
  • Creativity and Teamwork: Emphasis on fostering creativity, self-expression, and teamwork.
  • Performance Opportunities: Optional end-of-session performances allow students to showcase their progress.
  • Inclusive Learning Environment: We create a supportive space for students of all skill levels.

Enrich your school’s environment with the joy of dance! Contact us today to bring our After School Dance Program to your students and watch them thrive in a vibrant, expressive, and inclusive learning experience. 💃🕺🎉

Embark on a captivating journey of artistic expression with our 🌟 Performing Arts Enrichment Program 🎭, tailored exclusively for schools seeking a dynamic and engaging after-school experience. The length of the program can be dependent on your needs but is a great option for childcare.

Program Highlights:

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our 1.5-3 hour per week format offers a rich blend of dance, acting, and music. Students enjoy high-energy dance classes, engaging daily activities, entertaining skits/plays, catchy songs, and exciting games like scavenger hunts and obstacle courses.

Professional Instruction: Led by enthusiastic and trained teachers, our program encourages boys and girls to explore their hip-hop dancing powers while enhancing coordination, musicality, and listening skills.

Culminating Mini-Show: The experience concludes with a mini-show at the end of each season, providing a stage for students to showcase their talents and joy. Families and friends are invited to witness the impressive skills and artistic expression of the young performers.

Themed Options: Schools have the flexibility to choose themed options for the program, adding an extra layer of excitement. Whether it’s a Jungle Safari, Calling All Superheroes, or other themes, students can explore different creative avenues within the performing arts.

Flexible Scheduling: Our program seamlessly integrates into your school’s schedule, offering flexibility to accommodate varying school hours and extracurricular activities.

Your Partnership:  We are committed to making this program a success with your valuable insight and feedback. This ensures that our program continues to meet the unique needs and expectations of your school community. 🚀

Embark on a journey of fun, laughter, and artistic exploration with our Performing Arts Enrichment Program. Enrich your students’ education with an experience that goes beyond the classroom, fostering creativity, teamwork, and a lifelong love for the performing arts. Contact us today to bring this exciting program to your school! 🎉

🌟 Elevate Your Dance Game with Our Exclusive Afterschool TikTok Dance Class! 🌟

Are you ready to unleash your inner TikTok sensation? Join our exciting afterschool dance class, where we transform beginners into TikTok stars, one dance move at a time! No prior dance experience is needed—just bring your enthusiasm, and get ready to groove with us.

💃🕺 What to Expect:

Step-by-Step Instruction: Our experienced dance instructors will guide you through the hottest TikTok dance trends, breaking down each move so you can master them effortlessly. All music and moves are age appropriate.

Inclusive Vibes: Dance like nobody’s watching in a welcoming environment where all skill levels are embraced. Whether you’re a dance floor diva or a first-time stepper, you’ll fit right in!

Showcase Your Style: Discover your unique dance style and express yourself with confidence. This class is not just about learning moves; it’s about finding your rhythm and owning it!

🌈 Why Choose Our TikTok Dance Class:

No Experience Needed: Absolute beginners are welcome! Our classes are designed to make dancing accessible and enjoyable for all your students.

Community Connection: The class environment fosters connection where students collaborate to create a supportive and collective community.

Interactive and Fun: Although the students will be lead and mentored by the teacher, students will have a say in the music and moves so everyone is having fun!

Don’t miss out on the dance craze—book us for an unforgettable afterschool experience! Let’s dance our way to TikTok stardom together! 💫🎶

🌟 Excite your school with the vibrant rhythm of our Mini Movers & Music program! 🎶

Tailor-made for early childhood development, this dynamic class brings a burst of energy through creative movement, lively music, and interactive dance games.

👩‍🏫 Our experienced instructors specialize in delivering an age-appropriate curriculum that nurtures motor skills, rhythm, and creative expression. Mini Movers & Music isn’t just a dance class; it’s a holistic approach to cultivating young minds and bodies.

Key Highlights for Schools:

🎓 Educational Play: Seamlessly integrating educational elements, our program enriches learning with interactive activities. Counting, colors, and shapes become part of the dance, enhancing cognitive development in a fun way.

🤸‍♂️ Physical Fitness: Promote an active lifestyle from an early age! Our class ensures children stay physically active while enjoying the benefits of coordinated movement. It’s an exciting way to instill healthy habits in young minds.

🤝 Social Development: Mini Movers & Music creates a positive and inclusive environment for social interaction. Through dance and play, children learn valuable social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and collaborating with their peers.

🎨 Customizable Programs: We understand each school is unique. Our program is flexible and can align with specific educational goals or themes, seamlessly integrating into your curriculum.

🌈 Great After School Option: Transform Mini Movers & Music into a fantastic after-school program! Culminate the experience with a dazzling show for family and friends, showcasing the progress and talents of your young dancers.

Bring the joy of movement and music to your school with Mini Movers & Music! 🌈 Watch your students thrive in a creative, active, and educational environment. Contact us today to schedule a program that perfectly complements your school’s commitment to holistic child development. 📚✨

Get your kids moving and grooving in this games & dance class—a specially curated program designed to captivate and engage young minds! This dynamic class is more than just dance; it’s a lively exploration of movement, interactive games, and the joy of rhythmic expression.

Reasons why our Moving and Grooving Games & Dance Class is the ideal addition to your school’s after-school activities:

Active Learning Through Play: Immerse students in the joy of movement with a perfect blend of dance and interactive games, ensuring a fun and engaging after-school experience that promotes physical activity. 🕺

Holistic Development: Tailored dance routines and games contribute to the holistic development of students, fostering improved motor skills, coordination, and balance in an entertaining and supportive setting. 🌟

Confidence Building: Our class provides a supportive environment where students gain confidence as they express themselves through dance, celebrating individuality and creativity. 🌈

Teamwork and Social Skills: Engage students in group activities, dance challenges, and choreography that promote teamwork, cooperation, and the development of essential social skills. 👭👬

Immersive and Enriching Experience: Beyond conventional dance classes, our program incorporates interactive props and themed sessions, creating an immersive and enriching learning experience for students. 🎉

Cultivating a Love for the Arts: Through creative expression in dance, students explore their imaginations, fostering a lifelong appreciation for the arts and creativity. 🎨

End-of-Session Demo for Families: Conclude the session on a high note with an optional end-of-session demo for families, providing students with the opportunity to showcase their dance skills. This optional event can strengthen the bond between school and family while fostering a sense of accomplishment and community pride. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Enrich your school’s after-school program with the vibrant energy of our Move and Groove Games & Dance Class. Promote physical activity, creativity, and teamwork by booking the program today.  🚀

About Us

Pricing Information

After school programs can either be parent paid (enrollment based), funded through the school with grants, the PTA, or fundraising, or a combination of parent paid and school funding.

After school programs start at $155 per hour. (Pricing varies based on location, length and frequency of the program.)

Want More Information? Contact Jenny, National Program Manager, for more details or complete the form below.

Our Promises

Why Schools Choose Us

Trusted by schools since 2008, we offer the perfect balance of fun and skill development to ignite a lifelong love of dance in your child.
Amazing Teachers

We believe it’s the teacher that makes the difference. Our teachers have the passion and ‘X’ factor when it comes to loving and having the ability to work with children.

Age Appropriate Curriculum

We specialize in providing the best dance classes for children. This is what we have studied and perfected, and why our classes are so great for your dancers!

Learning Is Fun

We focus on learning through laughter so dancers develop a love for dance and establish a strong foundation in dance education, without the high pressure.

Flexible Schedule

We know that coordinating your school’s enrichment programs can be challenging as we have been working with schools since 2008.  We will work with you and your school’s needs to develop a successful schedule. No drama, no pressure, no stress!

Clear Communication

We understand that it goes beyond the class curriculum to be the best kids dance studio, and that includes clear communication between Dance To EvOLvE, teachers and schools.

Convenient Locations

At Dance To EvOLvE, we bring our high-quality children’s dance classes to schools throughout Cleveland, so your children can experience the joy of dance at their school.

Consider the following when scheduling a program:

  •  What are your available days to hold the program? (We don’t want to conflict with another program at the school that might have a similar interest but the more options there are, the easier it is to staff.)
    • Avoid conflicting with other popular programs to ensure successful enrollment.
    • Choose days with minimal competition, such as those without overlapping interests (ex: cheerleading)
    • Providing more scheduling options for us, makes it easier to staff
    • Minimum days typically is easier to staff and has strong enrollment
  • What grades will the program be for? (We offer programs for Pre-K to High School. Typically after-school programs are most successful with the younger ages.)
  • Do you have a space that can host a dance class? (We can offer class anywhere from an auditorium to an outdoor blacktop.)
  • What space at the school can host the dance class?
  • Will the program be paid by the school on an hourly rate or will it be parent paid with registration?

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“Escondido Union School District is proud to provide high quality, engaging after school enrichment opportunities, and our partnership with Dance To Evolve is a fantastic example of just such an opportunity. Our students and staff give positive feedback about Dance To Evolve instructors and the enthusiasm they share, the company’s willingness to collaborate with our schools, and the joy the program provides to students at all grade levels.”