Beat the heat with your kids this summer

Staying cool amid the melting heat of summer is almost an art form in itself. Here are some innovative ways for you and your kids to cope… Public pools If you…

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Beat the heat with your kids this summer

Staying cool amid the melting heat of summer is almost an art form in itself. Here are some innovative ways for you and your kids to cope…

Public pools

If you aren’t lucky enough to have your own pool or complex pool, Rec center pools often allow kids to come and free swim. Some of them even have a splash pad, waterslide, or water playground for the kids. Like a little mini-Soak City but way more convenient and cost-effective. Overall it’s a cheap and great way to access a pool, just don’t forget the sunscreen!

While you are at the rec center you can also take…

Dance classes fun inside activity

Get out of the sun and get your kids grooving. Dance classes are fun inside activity that still lets your kids get some exercise and get a break from the sun. There is such a variety of styles, from hip-hop to ballet, that every dancer can find a class that they love. Start with a drop-in then maybe even sign up for a whole session! Check out our summer classes here.

Make your own popsicles

All you need is your favorite fruit juice and some Popsicle molds and in a few hours, you have got a delicious ice-cold treat! Popsicle molds are relatively cheap and can be bought at Rite-Aid, Walmart, and off Amazon! Our favorite juices to use are orange, mango, and guava. If you are feeling fancy you can even add some fruit. It’s a great way for your kids to get a little creative.

Water games

Another great, inexpensive way to cool off is to play some water games. These are some summer camp classics that kids love. Some basic ones are water balloon tossing contests where you get further and further away from your partner. Or just a water balloon fight, providing you don’t mind picking up all the balloon remnants after.

Another great game for little kids is duck-duck-goose featuring a soaked sponge. As you go around you hold the sponge and let it drip onto the heads of the ducks, then you squeeze it out over the chosen goose. Our final game is a relay where the kids fill up a cup using only a bucket of water and their hair. The kids have to run to the bucket of water, dunk their head in, then run back and squeeze out their hair into the cup that you are holding next to their line. This game works best with a larger number of kids and it’s great for girls with longer hair.

Kids’ outdoor art projects

Do you know how kids love to paint themselves or each other? Well, this is an activity where that is the goal!  It’s artistic, creative, and a great way to cool off.

The beach dance day

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach like our San Diego families, another way to beat the heat is to have a beach day. Make it a day trip by bringing a picnic lunch and plenty of water. Also pack the boogie boards, surfboards, and any other activity that your kids like to do in the ocean. Just remember to stock up on the sunscreen, and bring an umbrella.

Summer camps

Although summer camps are often outside, there are many that are actually mainly inside! For example science, cooking, sewing, and dance camps. Depending on the camp your child will get some exercise, learn new skills, build on old ones, explore their passions and have fun! Especially if you are a working parent these are great to keep your kids entertained all day long! Check out some of our dance camps.

Rock climbing activity gym

Another fun activity that is indoors and air-conditioned is a rock climbing gym. Many places have lessons for kids and kid-friendly climbs. It is an amazing exercise, a mental challenge and it’s so incredible when your child reaches the top for the first time. Overall it’s a great way to get out of the sun and try something new.

See a movie during the day

Seeing a movie seems like a night-time activity but in the summer, when it is blazing hot, it’s a great way to have fun indoors. If you want a less high-energy activity then this is a great option. So mix it up by seeing a movie during the day instead of at night.

Go to a museum

Summer does not have to be all play all the time. Museums are a great way for kids to learn and stay smart in a fun and air-conditioned way. There is such a variety from art and history to science that all kids can find a museum that they love! Chicago is ripe with museums, while San Diego has some great ones in Balboa Park. Make it a fun and educational day that your kids will never forget.

Bottom line? Don’t let summer boredom and the heat get the best of you. Keep the kids cool and entertained all summer long by trying a few of the aforementioned activities.

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