Every city needs a dance company

For most cities, it is an industry that brings people into the area and creates the city for a general-purpose. However, it is the arts that stimulate the city. Sure…

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Every city needs a dance company

For most cities, it is an industry that brings people into the area and creates the city for a general-purpose. However, it is the arts that stimulate the city. Sure there are those who can try to argue against this.

However who honestly travels to France and doesn’t visit the Louvre? Or who could leave Florence without having waited at least two hours in line to stare longingly at Michelangelo’s David?

Unfortunately, art is synonymous with large cities. This attitude is especially prevalent when we look at the support of professional dance companies in smaller cities.

Rather than focusing on a city negatively affected by this lack of artistic support, we want to keep things positive. So let’s look at a city where they are helping to rebuild a dance company that benefits the community. 

Cleveland, OH the city of “rock and roll” is also our amped-up city that has recently revitalized the Cleveland Ballet in 2014. To put things into perspective, Cleveland has a population of 385,809 compared to New York’s 8.538 million. Luckily Cleveland has not allowed numbers to deter them in their quest for advocating the arts.

And what better organization to support than a dance company whose mission is to present “world-class dance on stage through classical and new works and to ensure that classical and neoclassical ballet is accessible and relevant to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.”

Since the dance company’s revitalization, Cleveland has gained an expanded cultural richness. It’s also seen a rise in the number of cute little ballerinas in tutus. Which, if we are being honest, is one of the best adorable perks of attending any ballet performance.

Dance to EvOLvE now has a Cleveland presence

There are several examples of how having a dance company in Cleveland has helped the city’s culture. Perhaps the best example is the positive exposure children get from seeing the Cleveland Ballet. The Cleveland Ballet is an especially good example.

They regularly participate in outreach activities; and work with schools and other non-profits to expose children from all socioeconomic backgrounds to the arts. Having a professional company also increases Cleveland’s support of bringing dance into the community through outreach and community-funded events.

The city also moves towards creating more kids’ dance classes in Cleveland from the Cleveland Ballet’s presence. Besides gaining the professional dance school associated with the ballet company, the city sees an increase in other dance schools. A huge component in a child’s involvement in dance is getting the child to and from dance class each week.

This job normally goes to our life and forever loved personal chauffeurs, our parents. A parent who attends a professional performance of The Nutcracker or Swan Lake witnesses the hard work and dedication involved. From viewing a Cleveland Ballet performance a parent is able to gain a deeper appreciation for the art and become more willing to enroll their child in a kids dance class in Cleveland.

Benefits from dance class:

The benefits of enrolling children in a dance class are endless! From building self-esteem to challenging a child’s focus and mind, dance class is a great way to spark creativity in young ones. Kids’ dance classes also help kids learn valuable life lessons like that improvement comes with commitment and in order to see results they need to put in the work. 

Even a child who simply participates in a recreational dance class in Cleveland will gain the confidence and joy that only a dance class can offer. 

In the end, it is the benefits children receive from both being exposed to dance and participating in it themselves through kids’ dance classes that become the ultimate reason for having a professional dance company in every city. Yes, the dance company will bring culture and nightlife to the city, but most importantly it will inspire children to become creative and help them develop an appreciation for the arts thus sustaining art for generations to come.


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