Father’s Day ideas

Father’s Day is only a month away! You can spoil and pamper Dad with a present but let’s face facts: The main thing Dad wants is to spend time with…

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Father’s Day ideas

Father’s Day is only a month away! You can spoil and pamper Dad with a present but let’s face facts: The main thing Dad wants is to spend time with his kids.

Here are some ways your little ones can show Dad they love him this Father’s Day.




Carry on camping
This first Father’s Day activity is an absolute classic. Outdoor loving Dads will relish spending quality, al fresco time with their families. Many campgrounds offer Father’s Day discounts over Father’s Day weekend.

Our message? Make sure you check online for discounts at a campground near you. So what are you waiting for? Pitch a tent, start a campfire and go wild.

Play mini golf
For some dads, Father’s Day just isn’t complete without sports. If that sounds like your Dad, why not take him to your local mini golf course for some healthy competition. For younger kids, hitting up the mini golf course will make for a great afternoon.

Meanwhile older kids could accompany Dad to a ‘proper’ golf course: Hit the local driving range and play a full 18 holes. The bottom line though is this: Regardless of whether you play mini golf or normal golf, sports =fun for Dad.

Go fishing
Casting a line into a lake is the perfect kids activity for Father’s Day! It’s a relaxing yet fun way for fathers and kids to spend time together. Don’t have a fishing pole? Put the panic on hold: Fishing poles start at an affordable $15 and even stores such as Walmart stock a great variety.

Once you have a fishing pole, find your local lake or beach and start catching some fish! 

On your bike
There’s nothing better than cruising around the city on two wheels with Dad. This awesome Father’s Day kids activity is not only extremely fun, but a great way to get your exercise in for the day.

If your kids aren’t too comfortable on a bicycle yet, don’t fret. You can attach training wheels to the kids’ bikes or rent a tandem bike. Make no mistake: A bicycle adventure will definitely be a blast.

Let’s dance
This Father’s Day activity is perhaps the most fun. Simply turn up the radio station or ask Alexa and have a dance party! For some extra fun, you can even play games like Just Dance for the Wii or Dance Central for the Xbox. 

Who knows perhaps your little ones will enjoy dancing with Dad so much that they want to sign up for dance classes with yours truly?!! For more information about the dance trials visit our website.

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