Five things to look for in a children’s summer camp

With summer just around the corner, the pressure is on to find the right summer camp in San Diego for your kids. However, help is at hand. We’ve put a…

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Five things to look for in a children’s summer camp

With summer just around the corner, the pressure is on to find the right summer camp in San Diego for your kids. However, help is at hand. We’ve put a helpful guide together to help you in your search for the perfect children’s summer camp.

The first and most important thing is the staff

Every parent is worried about whom they will be leaving their children with all day and that is a completely normal and important concern. That is why it is important to look for a camp with experienced staff. This will make you and your child feel comfortable. The more experience the better. Also, make sure the camp leaders have been thoroughly inspected by the organization and have passed a security check. 

Look at the camp’s goals

When choosing a summer camp in San Diego, it is important to look for the goals that they have set for the children! Make sure summer is not only a time for fun but for learning as well. The best camps will provide a variety of activities for your children. This will enhance both their learning and social skills Look for a camp that is supportive of your child’s dreams.


How hard do they push?Looking for something different for your child to do this summer?

This might appear to be an odd question but it’s an important one. During a day camp, your child will be busy with different sorts of activities. Although these activities can be healthy and beneficial, it is important to not push children too hard and allow them plenty of breaks. Ask about the numb


er of breaks they will be getting throughout the day. What about downtime? Is there a space in the schedule when the kids can take a break from all of the commotion and listen to a story or take a short nap? Even with just a day camp, kids might get overworked and tired. Our message? Be sure to check if the summer camp you’re looking at provides the right combination of fun and relaxation.


As a parent, it’s not pleasant being left out of the loop and not knowing what your child is up to all day. Make sure that the camp you are looking at supports open communication between parents, staff, and children. Also, you’ll want to stay included and have access to any information about your child at all times. This will make you feel comfortable and safe leaving your child in their hands every day.

Fun in Dance Classes:

Last but certainly not least, ask yourself if your child will really enjoy this camp. Don’t settle for an average one. Summer is a time for adventure and fun, a time to let your child’s curiosity soar. Dance to EvOLvE prides itself on providing children the opportunity to have an amazing time learning and creating with their wonderful teacher. So talk with your children and find out exactly what they want and sign them up for a camp, such as a summer dance camp in San Diego for example. This will provide them with a variety of activities that are both challenging and fun. It will also save the hassle of having to switch camps or rearrange plans.

All told, make the most of this summer and be smart with your decisions. We hope you consider some of these questions when searching for a summer camp in San Diego. Let us know if there are any additional tips for choosing camps or if you have any comments, don’t be shy – we want to hear from you.

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