Four fun kids’ party ideas

Struggling to come up with fun-themed kids’ party ideas in San Diego, Chicago, or Cleveland? Give your child a party they won’t forget with our four, fabulous kids’ party themes!…

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Four fun kids’ party ideas

Struggling to come up with fun-themed kids’ party ideas in San Diego, Chicago, or Cleveland? Give your child a party they won’t forget with our four, fabulous kids’ party themes!

Ballerina dance theme

A ballerina-themed party is sure to be a hit. How can little girls say no to tutus and tiaras? You could even hire a ballet teacher to teach all the kids at the party a choreographed dance. If this option is out of your budget, show a short ballet dance video for kids to mimic together. This theme works well for children aged two-10.

Hip-hop dance theme

The perfect theme for both boys and girls! Find a high-energy hip-hop dance instructor to come and teach a fun class guaranteed to have your guests thinking of your party every time they hear the songs. The teacher can choreograph a customized routine to the birthday girl/boy’s favorite song for a mini-show at the end of the party. Ask your little guests to dress in hip-hop gear think super-sized sunglasses, snapback hat, etc and have them list their favorite songs.

Why not take pictures of the kids in dance poses, and film the show to give as a party favor! With the right teacher, you and the other parents may spot the next Justin Timberlake! Make sure that you host the party where there is enough space for children to dance it out. This theme is great for kids aged five and up.

Disco dance theme

Does everyone love a disco-themed party? Simply hanging a disco ball from the ceiling and adding Christmas lights around the room will turn your front room or garage into a 70s disco club!

When it comes to dressing code, ask your little guests to wear sparkling disco dresses or pants.  Hand out glowing jewelry or glow sticks to them after they arrive. You can hire local kids’ dance teachers to teach the kids all sorts of various dance styles. This theme is perfect for children between the ages of two and six.

fun kids' party ideas

Nutcracker dance theme

Looking for a cool winter-themed party for the holidays? Then a Nutcracker-themed party! Decorate your house with toy soldiers, Nutcrackers, paper snowflake ornaments, DIY nutcracker character paper masks, and Christmas lights.

You can even set the dress code as ‘holiday attire’ for a more festive spirit. Since not everyone will be familiar with the Nutcracker, begin the party by reading the story out loud. Later, show them a video of the Nutcracker ballet. Then organize the children to put on a performance of their own. To add even more fun, assign each child a character and ask them to play the show for you.

Last word

All told, hiring a professional for your child’s dance party is the best way to reflect the dance party theme. We recommend researching local dance studios that offer party planning. Compare pricing and chat with other parents who may have some experience.

If your child already takes dance lessons, try asking their teachers if they have party experience. If you would like to know about more kids’ dance party themes and options, just ask us! We have plenty of fun-themed ideas. Even better? We will do most of the work!  We promise you and your kids a great time and an unforgettable birthday!


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