Get involved in your child’s education

The school year may be nearing an end but it’s never too late to get involved in your child’s education. It can not only bring you closer to your child…

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Get involved in your child’s education

The school year may be nearing an end but it’s never too late to get involved in your child’s education. It can not only bring you closer to your child but also keep you in the loop regarding their progress

For those of you with younger children, you might want to consider one of the following:  

  • Volunteer as a class reader
    Ask your child’s teacher if it is okay for you to come in to read to the whole class, or even to individual children who might need more guidance.
  • Offer to be a center/lab helper
    With little ones, teaching subjects like science, art, or computer lab requires a lot of hands-on help. Interested in these topics?  Offer to come in once a week to be an assistant.
  • Be a tutor
    Teachers oftentimes have to handle and teach a wide range of skills and subjects. Parents giving extra one-on-one support to students on the high and low ends of the spectrum lets the teacher spend more time focusing on the middle.
  • Offer to be a class parent
    If you have more time to spare, this is a fantastic opportunity. It usually involves organizing parties and teacher gifts throughout the school year.

For those of you with slightly older children, one of these options may be a better fit for you:  

  • Help out with a special interests club or drama group
    With teachers being swamped with more and more things and not enough resources, sometimes it’s up to the parents to keep extracurricular activities up and running.
  • Present to classes about your career or expertise
    One of the most crucial gifts you can bestow upon a child is the gift of inspiration. At this age, most kids have moved past wanting to be a fireman or a superhero and need real-life role models to inform them about other career opportunities.
  • Volunteer as a library assistant
    Instead of helping kids get more wrapped up in the technological world nowadays, get kids to go back to their roots by helping them discover books they love or research topics they’re excited about. Inspiring them to read more can be a really rewarding experience for parents.
  • Assist with sports programs
    Making sure kids stay active is critical to their physical and emotional health. With the lack of school funding for sports programs, parent involvement can help a lot in this area.

Just dance 

As you may very well know, extra-curricular activities are a great way for your child to develop social skills. You may be asking, how can I get involved with my child’s dance classes? Well, you are in luck because Dance to EvOLvE offers a YOU&Me interactive parent and child class for toddlers. 

These classes can not only teach both you and your child how to dance but also bring you and your little dancer closer together which is the most important thing!  

No matter which option you pick, get involved now and grow closer to your child!  

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