Kid-friendly things to do in Chicago

Thinking about having a family day out? Luckily you live in one of the best cities in America. There are so many different kids activities to do in Chicago. So…

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Kid-friendly things to do in Chicago

Thinking about having a family day out? Luckily you live in one of the best cities in America. There are so many different kids activities to do in Chicago. So sit back, relax and keep for the full low-down on what to do with the kids in Chicago.

The Bean

We have to start off with a classic. If you’re looking for things to do with the kids in Chicago and you haven’t visited the Bean, it’s time to rectify that.  The Bean is located in Millennium Park which is in the Loop area. Kids will love to see their reflections on this enormous stainless steel sculpture. It’s one of the best kids activities in Chicago because it is such a unique and fun experience. Another cool thing about the Bean is that its open everyday of the year, come rain or shine. It’s also open all day long, so don’t sweat about going to see the Bean at a certain time of day. The Bean is one of the things that makes Chicago so special. You won’t find a giant bean in the middle of a city anywhere else!

The Navy Pier

Another idea for things to do with kids in Chicago is to go to the Navy Pier and watch a movie at the Navy Pier IMAX theatre. This is one of Chicago’s most famous kid-friendly spots. If that doesn’t work for your family, another idea is to take your kids to the Chicago Children’s museum. If you’re interested in stopping by the museum, don’t forget to take advantage of Target Free Night. Every Thursday, from 5-8pm, entry is free.  You can also save some cash by visiting the museum the first Sunday of every month to get free entries for anyone aged 15 and under.

Let's dance, Chicago
Let’s dance, Chicago

Bobby’s Tike Hike

If you’re in the mood for an afternoon adventure, Bobby’s Tike Hike is a must! This cycling adventure is a bike tour geared especially for little ones. You can find Bobby’s Tike Hike on the North Side in Streeterville. Your kids will love this because they can explore a hidden garden, pet the Lincoln Park Zoo animals, toss coins into a wishing fountain and rub Abe Lincoln’s foot. If you’re interested in this activity, make sure you reserve your tour online for a 10 per cent discount. And don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all those unforgettable memories. Make no mistake: this is one of the best kids activities in Chicago.

Washington Library Center

Do your little ones prefer to be inside and read some awesome books? Well, we have the perfect activity idea! Visit the Washington Library Center  which holds the largest collection of children’s books in the city. This awesome children’s library is called the Thomas Hughes Children’s Library and  is located on the second floor. This beautiful library is located in the Loop and is the perfect fun and cozy environment, especially during the cold Chicago winter. This option is also easy on your wallet because it’s free. You can also enjoy free WiFi internet services while you’re in the library!

Dance To EvOLvE

If you’re looking for a fun activity for your kids, we have just the thing! Here at Dance To EvOLvE we offer kids dance classes with styles ranging from tap, ballet, and hip hop at convenient locations all around Chicago. Currently we run classes at the Loop, Evanston, Lakeview, North Center, Bucktown/Lincoln Park and West Loop. Our kids dance classes in Chicago are the perfect fit for families looking to enrol their kids in a fun yet affordable activity.

If this sounds like a fun option for your kids, you can schedule a risk-free trial on our website. Another idea is to check out our summer dance camps for kids aged three-seven- for a super enjoyable summertime activity. If you are interested in our summer dance camps, get the most bang for your buck and register for multiple camps. If you do, expect to receive 15 per cent rebate. Dance To EvOLvE kids dance classes in Chicago are perfect for families who want a year round activity that can even evolve with busy schedules and crazy Chicago weather!

 Whether we find you at the children’s library or at one of our dance classes, there’s a reason why people from all over the world come to see Chicago, Illinois! Take advantage of all the kids activities that this amazing city has to offer. Encourage family bonding time rather than plonking your kids in front of TV, computers, iPads et al. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start exploring our beautiful city, Chicago.

Mayfield Village Summer Camp

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