St Patrick’s day activities for kids

It’s that time when the color green is starting to appear everywhere you look! Images of leprechauns and four-leaf clovers fill the streets. This holiday is celebrated all over the…

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St Patrick’s day activities for kids

It’s that time when the color green is starting to appear everywhere you look! Images of leprechauns and four-leaf clovers fill the streets. This holiday is celebrated all over the world thanks to Saint Patrick, who was apparently called the ‘Apostle of Ireland.’ 

St Patrick’s Day was made a traditional ‘feast day’ in the 17th century to celebrate this former Saint. Now, however, the celebration of St Patrick’s life has turned into a celebration of all things Irish. This includes wearing green, using food coloring to make everything you eat green, and, of course, chasing leprechauns. 

Here are a few different ways to celebrate St Paddy’s Day with your kids…

St Patrick’s Day party ideas

Get your children involved in St. Patrick’s Day by hosting a party! You can have them invite friends, or just keep it between family. Either way, with these St. Patrick’s Day party ideas, you are guaranteed a good time.  


The first thing you need to make any party great is yummy snacks. This Shamrock shake is so festive and, yes, it is quite healthy. This means there is room to drizzle some chocolate syrup on top for the perfect mint and chocolate mixture. This shake is a great way to get your kids in the St Paddy’s Day mood!  

Another delicious snack to celebrate the day with is a Shamrock rice Krispie treat! It may not be as healthy as the shake, but hey, calories don’t count on holidays, right? Plus, your kids will absolutely love not only eating these rice Krispies but making them too. What a great way to spend some quality time together. 


Another party idea for kids to celebrate St Patrick’s Day is crafts. After having both the rice Krispie treats and the shake, use their sugar-fueled energy to have them make their own four-leaf clover. 

This craft is pretty easy and requires only a paper plate, some paper, green paint, glue, and glitter if you’d like. It is the perfect St Patrick’s Day activity for your kids to get in the spirit of the day while also using their creative sides. (PS: If the sugar hasn’t worn off yet after the craft, send the kids on a treasure hunt around the house to expend some extra energy.)

If your children are pretty artistic and like to build things, a fun St Patrick’s Day kids activity is to have them build a way to ‘catch’ the leprechauns. Maybe they lead the leprechauns into a shoebox by creating a trail of lucky charms or lure them in with a mini pot of gold. This is a fun activity to do the day before St Paddy’s Day, and see the kid’s excitement and anticipation to see if they caught any leprechauns.

Hint: Leprechauns are rarely ever caught, but always seem to get away with the gold, and leave a mess behind…

St Patrick's day activities for kids!!


A simple St Patrick’s Day party idea is just to have some Irish music playing. Irish music is so fun to listen to and, with the help of those snacks earlier, could get the kids dancing! If the idea of a kid’s dance party sounds a bit daunting, hire a teacher from Dance to EvOLvE to come to do the work for you. It doesn’t have to be a birthday to schedule a dance party with us. Our teacher will come to you for your St Patrick’s Day party. 

Another great St Paddy’s Day kids activity: go to a parade
It would not be St Patrick’s Day without an endless amount of parades that thousands of people attend every year! If your family feels like going out and doing something fun, a parade could be just the thing! Kids always love the excitement of the parades and the countless vendors and activities there are for them to do! Because Dance to EvOLvE has locations in both San Diego and Chicago, we have some specific examples of parades that could be fun for your family this St Patrick’s Day.  

In San Diego, Balboa Park is having their St Patrick’s Day Festival and Parade once again. The parade starts at 10.30 am on Saturday 13 March.

St Patrick’s Day is another holiday that gives you the opportunity to enjoy being with your family and to create memories for your children. Kids love to celebrate just about anything, and St Patrick’s Day is a perfect excuse for you to heighten their imagination, creativity. Our message? Don’t let the opportunity pass you by!


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