The different types of dance classes

There are so many different styles of dance out there it can be confusing for parents to choose which class to start their child in. Read on for an overview…

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The different types of dance classes

There are so many different styles of dance out there it can be confusing for parents to choose which class to start their child in. Read on for an overview of the types of dance classes we offer and what each entails…

Six styles of dance

A ballet class for kids focuses on technique as well as strength, balance and grace. Kids will begin to work on body alignment and posture, while learning positions and developing strong muscles. A pre-ballet class is great for any age. However when advancing to classical lines, it would be ideal for your child to be aged six and above.

Creative movement
This dance class is perfect for those aged 14 months to two years of age. These classes are less formal and less structured.  They focus more on basic motor, listening and expressive skills.  Your child will be introduced to all sorts of beginners’ dance steps such as ballet, tap and hip hop in a fun way. Depending on the dance studio, parent involvement is likely.

Hip hop
Hip hop dance classes are an energetic and expressive option for your child. This category of dance focuses on rhythm, basic hip hop dance moves and creativity. Advanced hip hop classes will go into breakdancing and more challenging choreography. Students can learn the latest moves in a hip hop dance class while also applying their own personal and original style. Depending on the age of the kids, there may be tentative parent involvement.

Tap is a great dance class for all ages. It involves creative movement and sounds of the feet. San Diego dance classes offer a combination tap and ballet class meaning the first half of dance class is tap and the second is ballet. This is an excellent option for a beginning dancer. This is as tap and ballet serve as a strong foundation for other kids dance classes.

Jazz incorporates techniques and dance moves from a variety of styles. These range from contemporary to lyrical and much more. Exciting pop music is usually played during jazz dance class and the movements are imaginative. Expect high kicks, leaps and turns. Jazz is appropriate for older ages such as six and above. If you aren’t ready to have your child take a jazz class, try a ballet class first. Jazz tends to build off moves taught in ballet.

Contemporary dance
Contemporary dance combines elements of ballet, jazz and lyrical. Based on modern dance techniques, these movements are quick, expressive and reflective. This type of dance is innovative and full of interpretation. Contemporary is appropriate for those wanting to express themselves as much as possible.

Last word
All kids dance classes are beneficial for your little one. We recommend having your child test out different  dance classes to see what they like best. If you have any further questions or comments, please do get in touch.

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